Optimal Health

“If the model is still in factory condition, it probably hasn’t been used much”. We have all had life experiences that have left us in less than factory condition, we are what we are. I would love to show you how to put a positive spin on your reality and make profound inroads into changing your health.

Optimal health is about maintaining the best possible health throughout your life. Health is a continuum and it fluctuates from wellness to illness depending on life events and can contribute to chronic disease if left unchecked.

You might be surprised to know that constantly feeling tired is not normal particularly if you feel you are managing. There are a myriad of things that can contribute to this tiredness so let’s list some of them:

Stress – how you manage it and how long you have just been “hanging in there”, can be very tiring and contribute to weight gain or loss, mood swings, lack of controlling your temper, drinking and smoking too much because you are trying to cope.

Anxiety – is exhausting, consuming, frightening and tiring but can be managed.

Poor digestion & gut problems – these are particularly distressing, uncomfortable, can be embarrassing and painful symptoms if your metabolism is affected.

Hormone fluctuations and I’m not singling out women here, men’s hormones also can also reflect how the feel and cope with the stress of the daily “doing”.

Overweight – being overweight places a lot of stress on your body’s organs and is directly related to ageing. Nothing feels better than losing a few kilos to keep you motivated.

Toxicity – leads to mood disorders, weight gain, gut problems, allergies and constant tiredness.

Curious about how well you are and what shape your health is in, but more particularly how well you could feel, then contact Wendy


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