Happy New You

Nettle Leaves LogoHappy New You

The new year has bounded ahead, but many of us are still reflecting on last year – what went well for us, what was not so fabulous and what we could do to turn our experiences around. It’s you that I say, Happy New You!

The usual mantra that runs though most peoples minds is; must lose weight, start exercising  again, join a gym, stop drinking alcohol, drink more water and the list goes on. But is it really making you a Happy New You, will you be a ‘better person’ for all those best intentions?

Let’s take a different approach to what would make you a Happy New You.

Here are a few tips  that I find helpful:

Schedule “You” into your day.

  • You must be your first priority. If you are not functioning well no one around you will either.
  • Have any niggling health concerns addressed.
  • What type of exercise and what time in the day you will exercise.
  • Make time for sitting quietly, try to develop a meditation practice or as it is called now, mindfulness practice.
  • If you don’t know how to sit quietly, find a person who can show you some techniques. Learning how to do this actively switches off brain transmitters that cause stress which is mentally and physically exhausting and ageing.

Freshen up your Look.

  • You will always be more motivated if you feel a little treated.
  • New hairstyle / different haircut
  • Buy a pair of shoes that are on sale – don’t need to worry about them fitting as you lose weight.
  • Have a manicure / pedicure and have the nails painted bright red.
  • After clearing out the clothing cupboards of clothes you haven’t worn in years there will be space for some “new look” gear.

Freshen up your Menu.

  • Have loads fruit and vegetables to lay your hands on. Try eating more raw than cooked meals with these seasonal beauties.
  • Eat more white than red meat.
  • Feature fresh fish and seafood more frequently.
  • Try new recipes for your old standby meal that have fewer calories.
  • You know the impact of alcohol on your health, there are plenty of other options.

Take a fresh look at Exercise.

  • Perhaps the reason you have fallen away from doing exercise is that you are not doing a form of exercise you like or benefits your body.
  • Extreme exercise does not contribute to wellbeing, however regular exercise (40-60 minutes per day) is one of the keys to longterm health and ageing well.
  • Raising the heart rate and still being able to talk and breath normally is the goal – walking, biking, active yoga or dance class but make it fun.

Clear out Cupboards.

  • Get rid of “stuff” – go through the house systematically, clearing & cleaning as you go.
  • Sell it, swap it, take it to the dump or give it to charity as your New Year gesture to those who would be grateful for some help.

The trick with all New Year resolutions is to make them fun, fresh, realistic and continuous so these habits are part of you’re thinking and behaviour.

Happy New You.