Christmas and New Year Party Survival Guide

Christmas & New Year Survival GuideXmas-Bush-Wreath-6

‘Tis season to be jolly, but unfortunately, the Christmas turkey is not usually the only thing that gets stuffed over the holidays. These tips will help you enjoy your Christmas festivities without putting on extra kilos and suffering with ‘wipe out’ hang overs.

The average Christmas dinner contains more calories than the average adult needs in an entire day (for many, it’s almost double the amount they need in a day). It can also contain the amount of fat required for an entire week, according to the American Council on Exercise. CNN reported that the average North American adult gains 3 kgs over the holiday season. The average Australian is not that different!

Don’t be a statistic!  Be prepared. This can be a challenge especially if you generally manage your healthy eating and life style, so be on guard and remain proactive.

Peace and Goodwill

Try to keep calm leading up to and over Christmas. Stress can be a trigger for making a lot of poor decisions – over eating, choosing high calorie foods, binge drinking, no-stop partying and being too tired to bother with exercising.

10 steps for surviving the party season

1. Healthier Nibbles and Snacks

Avoid snacking on the salted nuts & chips

Lollies & chocolates that seem to be everywhere at this time of the year

Choose veggies sticks with hoummos or guacamole

2. Portion Distortion

Try small amounts of different party foods; try a variety of foods & tastes but only a small portion of each.

Avoid standing near the food table or in the kitchen at a party, if you have to walk over to get the food, you will eat less.

3. Plan your Menu

Have only healthy options – prawns, oysters and fish or skinless chicken and turkey. Organic salads, vegetables & fresh fruit are all low in fat & and brimming with healthy anti-oxidants.

4. Hydrate

A glass of water between alcoholic drinks, it will keep you hydrated & you will feel better in the morning.

5. Exercise to Energise

Walk, run, swim or cycle – try to increase your level of physical activity between parties &

entertaining, you’ll feel great & burn off the indulgence.

6. Look Inward to see Outward

Take some ‘me time’ just to be at peace with yourself. For some it is meditating, yoga or just sitting in a bath with the door firmly closed to the rest of the world. Find your ‘me time’.

7. Alcohol Days or Haze

Drink the best quality wines you can afford as they have less wine maker artifice, and better tolerated by your gut and head. Red wine has the health benefits not white wine.

White spirits in moderation; tend to be more forgiving than dark spirits and cocktails when it comes to headaches the next day.

Have alcohol free days between occasions and the big parties; you’ll feel better for it and your brain cells with thank you.

Choose non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling mineral water if you feel pressured to drink

8. Good Fun Stuff

Get a game going with your family and friends or borrow some ones kids (their parents will thank you) after a meal to aid digestion and run off the extra calories.

Play backyard cricket, throw the Frisbee or go for a swim. Kids just love it and so does the child in you when everybody gets involved in fun stuff.

9. The Skipping Trip

Avoid skipping meals to compensate for the indulgence you are planning – you’re more likely to eat unhealthy snacks if you go to the party hungry and get drunk very quickly.

Your metabolism has slowed down as your body has nothing to process so weight gain is the likely consequence.

Instead have your usual healthy meal with protein and vegetables to sustain you and then make healthy choices at the party.

10. If the above suggestions fail?

A bottle of Wellness Rocks Healthy Liver Herbs will deliver.

These are a combination of special herbs that will help your liver (organ of detoxification) cope with seasonal abuse.

Great for that ‘seedy feeling’, the morning after that great party. You could swear you really didn’t drink that much (litres), it was just the late night with all the talking and laughing!

Healthy Liver Herbs can be mixed up especially for you and delivered by Express Post.

They are always good to have on hand or taken as a daily measure for liver health

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  • Everything in moderation and moderation in moderation!!
  • Don’t forget  to take your supplements and if you are not on a good antioxidant, to keep you young and beautiful, then contact me and I’ll recommend one to you.

Have FUN with family, friends and have a Happy Holiday