Food can be your medicine and it can be profoundly healing

You’d be surprised how effectively some of the food I have discussed below, can heal commom ailments and all these items are pantry staples:

Chai Tea

Or as it is called in India, Masala Chai or curried tea. It is an Ayurvedic (traditional Hindu system of medicine) preparation that is served all over India and is considered Satvic, which means not stimulating the seneses but calming, mentally clearing and revitalising.

Download Chai Tea: Chai Tea

Corn Silk

Ever wondered what you can do with the corn silks after you have husked fresh corn? Most people just toss them in the waste bin, but please think again after reading this article.

Download Corn Silk Remedy: Corn Silks

Fresh Onion

This is a much forgotten remedy using common herbs and spices you would have in your kitchen pantry for the relief of coughing + aches and pains associated with colds and flu. Made in less that half an hour and providing relief shortly after the first dose. Fondly called “germ juice”. Read more.

Download Onion Remedy: Onions

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