Naturopathic Health Care

Naturopathic Health Care is focused on your treatment objectives and long term wellness. Here we combine traditional natural therapies with the latest evidence based nutritional, botanical and lifestyle sciences to provide you with a personalised health plan that will address your individual needs. Naturopathic health care adheres to the wholistic philosophy of nourishing, repairing and restoring our physical bodies as well as energising, strengthening and harmonising our emotional well-being.

Six Traditional Principles of Naturopathic Health Care

  1. Firstly, do no harm. Always use an appropriate treatment that is safe, effective and supports true healing.
  2. Find and treat the underlying cause. True healing is more than just treating symptoms.
  3. Treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis or presenting health problems.
  4. Teach the principles of healthy living and preventative health care, by sharing knowledge with clients and encouraging individual responsibility for health.
  5. Prevention is the best cure. All clients receive some measure of preventive care to ensure long term wellness.
  6. Support the natural healing power of the body.