You and Your Hormones

When most people think about their

hormones they are thinking about their sex hormones. Women have the cyclic ebb and flow monthly until they reach menopause and men regard their ability to father children and muscle up in the gym as testament to their testosterone production. Few associate their hormones with their ability to digest food, regulate appetite, balancing the thyroid gland, calcium production, blood sugar metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, production of vitamin D, brain behaviour when stressed and our coping reactions due to stress whether it’s emotional or physical.

Many hormones are secreted by the brain, and carry messages to an organ or secrete hormones from an organ in response. Any emotional disturbance to the brain can lead to alteration in secretion of these hormones so that during emotional changes we experience hormonal imbalance too.

In fact there are 50 hormones produced by the human body, so it’s no wonder you’re exhausted by the end of the day just managing your hormones without worrying about anything else!

Seriously though, there is a difference between feeling a little tired or cranky, having a few digestive grumbles and the persistent feeling of knowing something has not been quite right for a long time. You may not notice that you are over-reacting to a situation until your nearest and dearest asks you what’s troubling you, at which point your inner lynx is unleashed with claws beared, hissing and snapping back in response.

Gaining weight can also be a hormonal issue when you are doing everything that you should do to manage your weight. Hormones that are out of balance could be responsible. The same could be said for problems with indiimgresgestion, burping, craving sugary foods, salt or alcohol and the list goes on.

When they are in proper balance, hormones help the body thrive because your organs are receiving their perfect dose of hormones for optimal function and healthy well-being.

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